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2021 · September

Sexual violence as a sexual script in mainstream online pornography

F. Vera-Gray, C. McGlynn, I. Kureshi, K. Butterby
British Journal of Criminology
Volume 61, Issue 5
Pages 1243–1260

2020 · March

Contested gendered space: public sexual harassment and women’s safety work

F. Vera-Gray, L. Kelly
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice
Volume 44, Issue 4
Pages 265–275

2020 · February

The Whole Place Self: reflecting on the original working practices of Rape Crisis

F. Vera-Gray
Journal of Gender-Based Violence
Volume 4, Issue 1
Pages 59–72

2018 · May

Recognition and the harms of “Cheer Up”

F. Vera-Gray, B. Fileborn
The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence
Volume 2, Issue 1
Pages 78–96

2017 · July

“I want to be able to walk the street without fear”: Transforming justice for street harassment

F. Vera-Gray, B. Fileborn
Feminist Legal Studies
Volume 25, Issue 2
Pages 203–227

2017 · May

‘talk about a cunt with too much idle time’: trolling feminist research

F. Vera-Gray
Feminist Review
Volume 115, Issue 1
Pages 61–78

2016 · September

Men’s Stranger Intrusions: Rethinking street harassment

F. Vera-Gray
Women’s Studies International Forum
Volume 58, September–October
Pages 9–17


2023 · August

Just a fantasy: how the discourse of fantasy attempts to resolve the conflicts of porn consumption

M. Garner, F. Vera-Gray
The Routledge Companion to Gender, Media and Violence
Ed(s) K. Boyle, S. Berridge
Pages 290–299

2022 · September

Hiding the Harm? An Argument Against Misogyny Hate Crime

F. Vera-Gray, B. Fileborn
Landscapes of Hate: Tracing Spaces, Relations and Responses
Ed(s) C. Donovan, E. Hall, J. Clayton
Pages 38–57
Bristol University Press

2021 · July

Rape Porn, Cultural Harm, and the Law

F. Vera-Gray
The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication
Ed(s) K. Ross, I. Bachmann, V. Cardo, S. Moorti, M. Scarcelli
Wiley Blackwell

2020 · September

The Authority of Pornography

F. Vera-Gray
Gender and Authority across Disciplines, Space and Time
Ed(s) A. Bardazzi, A. Bazzoni, A
Pages 291–312.
Palgrave Macmillan

2020 · March

Regulating pornography: Developments in evidence, theory, and law

F. Vera-Gray, C. McGlynn
Research Handbook on Gender, Sexuality, and Law
Ed(s) C. Ashford, A. Maine
Pages 471–483
Edward Elgar

2017 · October

Outlook: Girlhood, agency, and embodied space for action

F. Vera-Gray
Nordic Girlhoods: Past, Present, Outlooks
Ed(s) B. Formark, H. Mulari, M. Voipio
Pages 127–135
Palgrave Macmillan