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2024 · The Guardian

‘Everything is hairless’: what 100 women taught me about porn and body confidence

How is pornography changing women’s perception of what is normal, acceptable and beautiful?

2024 · The Times

Yes, women watch porn. Here’s what they’re clicking on—and why

For her new book, Women on Porn, the academic Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray persuaded 100 women to open up about their internet habits. The results were eye-opening.

2021 · The Guardian

If we’re serious about ending violence against women, we need to talk about culture

There’s a basic question that we need to ask if we really want change. What is it about our culture that is enabling some men to abuse women?

2021 · The Guardian

From porn to true crime stories, we must end the portrayal of violence against women

Individual actions make up the cultural scaffolding that supports violence against women. This means we have the power to disrupt these structures if we want to.

2018 · Discover Society

What is the “right” amount of panic for women in public?

It is time to recognise women as rational, capable, skilful actors and to see women’s safety work for the expert negotiation that it actually is.

2017 · The Conversation

Sexual harassment: it’s all part of growing up

Harassment, interruption, and intrusion from men is commonly disregarded as an inevitable part of life, unpleasant but expected. It is rarely acknowledged for what it is: a key factor structuring women’s lives.

2017 · BBC News

100 Women: The ‘right amount’ of panic for women in public

Have you ever wondered how much time and energy women spend avoiding harassment from men?

2016 · The Conversation

Have you ever wondered how much energy you put in to avoid being assaulted?

The public conversation on violence against women tends to focus on sexual assault and domestic abuse. We talk less about the routine intrusions women experience from men in their everyday lives, even though this is the most common form of sexual violence.

2016 · The Telegraph

Porn: Our children are obsessed—but not for the reasons you think

One in five children watch porn on the internet

2016 · The Telegraph

Britain’s rape crisis: Why won’t the Government guarantee support for survivors?

Rape Crisis, the UK’s national rape charity, is receiving an unprecedented level of calls and yet it still hasn’t had its Government funding confirmed.


2024 · Stories of our Times

Women watch porn too—so why can’t we talk about it?

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray, Deputy Director at the Child and Women’s Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University, and author of Women on Porn: One hundred stories. One vital conversation talks to Jane Mulkerrin about why she wrote a book on women’s experiences of pornography and what it means for how we think about porn.

2024 · Off Air with Jane and Fi

Winner of an apple and pear jockstrap

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray talks to Jane Garvey and Fi Glover about what she learned from talking to 100 women about porn.

2024.01.15 · Off Air with Jane & Fi · The Times

Winner of an apple and pear jockstrap

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray, Deputy Director of the Children and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University discuses pornography and the imapct it has.

2021 · Dr. Kathy Weston’s Get a Grip!

Teen Relationships, the Impact of Pornography, and Gender Inequality

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray talks about the need for change in social discourse around women and girls’ everyday experiences of sexual harassment, early teenage romantic relationships, the impact of pornography, and how parents can help our girls and boys to be agents of change.

2019 · The Electorette

The Right Amount of Panic & Street Harassment

A conversation with Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray about street harassment and her book, The Right Amount of Panic: How Women Trade Freedom for Safety.

2018 · The Electorette

Women on Porn

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray discusses her study titled Women on Porn, the largest UK study solely focused on women’s experiences and views of mainstream pornography.

2018 · The Electorette

The Right Amount of Panic

Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray discusses public sexual harassment in the UK and examines the amount of work women put into simply avoiding sexual violence.


2021 · BBC Women’s Hour

On the impact of porn on teenagers

Vera-Gray talks about the impact of pornography on young people and its effect on relationships and sex.

2017 · RNZ National

Women on Porn

Vera-Gray talks with Kim Hill about her study, Women on Porn, and of women’s views and experiences of online pornography.